Friday, September 28, 2012

Piece of cake

I am not good with introductions at all. I feel dumb and awkward trying to just say "Hey y'all. Welcome to the blog." I don't want to come off as big nerd that's going to bore you to death with my big nerdtastic fantasies...

Yeah, I'm a total nerd. This comes with trepidation though. My Momma is a nerd too. I get it from her. But I digress...

The best way for me to give you my intro is in bullet-point format. So here goes:

- Short and fat
- Nerd, complete with glasses and acne!
- Married
- Furbabies only (2 dogs, 3 cats, aquarium full of koi and goldfish)
- Store manager for a very popular gas station/ice cream parlor combo
- Lives in a small, janky, po'dunk village in Southern Ohio
- Vegetarian
- Severe breathing and allergy issues

Of course I could go on to tell you about all of the things I like to do but I think I'll wait for that. I wanted to clarify something.

I am fat.

I don't mean, slightly overweight, I mean, DAYUM THATS FAT fat. My muffin top is a whole damn cake. However- I AM NOT ASHAMED OF THIS. Do I want to lose weight? Of course I do. I'm tired of my doctor saying "Another sinus infection? Maybe if you lost weight..." Okay, well not really. He doesn't actually say that. I would probably cry if he did.

So yeah, I'm fat. Here's the thing- I usually eat relatively healthy. I'm turning my life around too. I stopped drinking Mountain Dew. That was the hardest habit I had to break. I love soda (yes, soda, NOT POP). I love it, a lot. I would drink that toxic green ooze from the moment I woke up to the last sip before I brushed my teeth to go to bed. I gave it up 3 months ago and have lost nearly 50lbs in doing so. I don't really know where I lost it because I still wear the same pants (albeit a touch looser) and shirts. I've been having health issues lately and it ultimately came down to me being diabetic, then not diabetic, and now I'm only in a "pre-diabetic" stage. So I stopped drinking MD. I switched to Diet Coke, then the Caffeine-Free DC. Then to Diet 7-Up. I switched from sugar to sugar free/caffeine free, to a "clear" soda. I haven't even had one of those in a few days. I normally drink water or juice. I feel a lot better. No more migraines!

Most things I eat or drink at sugar-free, sodium free, and heart healthy. I don't want to be old, fat, and sick. I want to live forever. I have to live long enough to see several generations of my family. So I have to change my habits. My mother is a diabtetic, my mother-in-law is diabetic. I've got friends and cousins who are diabetic or even pre-diabetic too. So hopefully I can help inpsire them to do better as well. My vegetarian friends can maybe stop being junk-food vegheads and start doing better themselves (they are self-admitted JFVH!). My vegan friends can push me harder.

The time has come to change, and I'm airing out my dirty laundry.

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  1. I am so proud of you! For many things--for being such a great daughter. For being an excellent writer. And for making your health a priority. Love Momma!